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Mt. Pisgah
African Methodist Episcopal Church Officers



Stewards represent pivotal leadership in the AME Church. They are the pastors cabinet and serve as spiritual leaders in the church. One of the primary responsibilities of the Board of Stewards is to serve the Tables of the Church: The Table of the Lord; The Table of the Poor, and The Table of The Pastor. They have the responsibility to oversee both the spiritual and temporal affairs of the local church and are appointed by the pastor yearly. Pastor Castine serves as the Chairman of the Board. (Pictures Coming Soon)

  1. Bro. Otto Moss, Pro Tem

  2. Sis. Valerie Kelly

  3. Sis. Beverly Garrett-Harmon

  4. Sis. Laura Johnson-Haines

  5. Bro. Irvin Haggan

  6. Br.. Wendell Bradley

  7. Bro. Gregory Jackson

  8. Bro. Kenneth Robinson

  9. Sis. Yvonne Rolley

  10. Bro. Franklin Rose

  11. Sis. Annette Smith

  12. Sis. Elaine Spencer

  13. Sis. Barbara Wilson

  14. Sis. Shanta Pressley

  15. Sis. Glenda Salley-Perkins

  16. Bro. George Pate

  17. Sis. Michelle Anderson

  18. Sis. Tara Ladson

  19. Sis. Daphne Bethea



The Board of Trustees are nominated by the pastor and elected by the congregation to serve for a year. The Trustees are responsible for the temporal affairs of the church. Pastor Castine serves as the Chairman of the Board.

  1. Sis. Etha Pressley, Pro Tem

  2. Bro. Willie Haggan 

  3. Sis. Annette Moore

  4. Bro. Keith Armstrong

  5. Bro. Brian Brown

  6. Sis. Barbara Garrett

  7. Bro. Sammie Hawkins

  8. Sis. Peggy Kates

  9. Sis. Sandra Moss

  10. Bro. Jermaine Pearson

  11. Sis. Dyanne Robinson

  12. Bro. John Wilson

  13. Bro. Peter Barnes

  14. Sis. Sallye Sims

  15. Bro. Aliquan Smith

  16. Bro. Julius Kelly



Rev. Ritney A. Castine, Pastor

Bro. Otto Moss, Chief Financial Officer

Sis. Erma Greene, Financial Secretary

Sis. Shanta Pressley, Steward

Sis. Tara Ladson, Steward

Sis. Elaine Spencer, Steward

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