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Daniel Fast

Download the 2023 Daniel Fast Guide by Clicking Here.

Fasting is abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose.  Fasting is not a tool to twist the arm of God so that He will give you exactly what you want.  Fasting has a spiritual purpose, and that purpose is to get your flesh out of the way so that the Spirit of God can move in your life. Fasting removes the barriers to communication with God and allows your spiritual nature to commune directly with the heavenly Father - without disturbance. When a person makes a determination to fast, they are making a determination to remove the obstacles in their life and to submit to the will of God.


Prayer and fasting go together.  Abstinence from food can be viewed as a diet. What gives a fast its distinctiveness is its spiritual focus which deepens one’s relationship with God.  Even if one is seeking something in particular from the Lord, one should still become closer to the Lord during a fast.  Thus a spiritual fast is always accompanied by increased prayer, meditation, reading/studying the Word of God, and worship.


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